Marvin's crew was on time, came everyday, finished on time and was reasonably priced. They were neat. They took responsibility for permits - made everything very easy.

This is the second time that I've used Marvin and his team.  As usual, things went well.  The job needed to be done last minute, so he was able to shift around his team to accommodate.  The price was comparable to other quotes and the work has certainly held up.  I'll continue to use Marvin for my roofing needs.

Our situation was a little complicated - we purchased a home in 2012 and shortly after moving in the roof began leaking. We had three roofers come out and inspect the roof and determined that the roof was not actually a new roof that was installed and on top of that, it was installed improperly. We had a home inspection but only a visual inspection of the roof because the sellers indicated in the sales contract that the roof was new. We contacted the seller and eventually obtained a lawyer. We decided we wanted to use MG Roofing to do the repair work but it was probably a year of back and forth between our lawyer and the sellers while Marvin patiently waited for the word to get the work done. I say patiently waited but in reality, the seller started reaching out to Marvin directly and our lawyer needed him to come back out to look at the roof a second time and to answer some questions...and the whole time Marvin was extremely helpful!! I kept telling my husband that we were getting to be such pains he's eventually going to say replacing our roof isn't worth it. However, every time we contacted Marvin he was helpful and when we finally reached an agreement with the seller Marvin quickly scheduled the work. He was able to complete the roof and porch replacement in a day and a half and he constantly kept us updated on the progress. He was extremely professional and did great work. His crew was also professional and they worked hard the day and a half they were here! I would definitely recommend MG Roofing!!

This is the second time I engaged Marvin and Julio to help me with roof repairs.  Over the summer I hired Marvin and his team to repair my main roof and rebuild my front porch, and I was extremely pleased with my experience and the results.  So when the roof on my back addition began leaking a few weeks ago due to the most recent "Polar Vortex", I immediately called Marvin to help.  The problem:  the roof on the addition to my house wasn't designed or pitched properly during my renovation 8 years ago.  The original contractor had installed an internal gutter system - i.e. the rainwater was directed INTO the house (i.e. behind the drywall) through a 4 inch hole in the center of the roof.  The problem with this design is that the hole would occasionally get plugged with fallen leaves and rainwater wouldn't drain off the flat roof.  This past Polar Vortex proved extremely problematic: when the accumulated water turned to ice, it expanded and created cracks in the roof.  As the ice melted, rainwater worked its way through the holes and leaked into my living space.   Before calling Marvin I had to wet vac over 200 lbs of water off my roof! The solution: Marvin responded to my call immediately and suggested that we re-pitch the roof to direct rainwater towards a new gutter system - i.e. a conventional gutter that runs down the outside of the house.  And as a returning customer, Marvin offered me a very fair price and put Julio, his top manager, on the task.   Julio was excellent!  He quickly assessed the situation, mapped out how the roof would need to be re-pitched and developed a plan to minimize the cost but deliver a quality product.  Like Marvin, Julio was very responsive and communicative and ensured that his team arrived exactly when he said they would.  And the results are perfect - the rain water now runs quickly off the flat roof. I am happy to recommend Marvin and Julio to anyone interested!

Marvin's crew showed up first thing, even before the sun was up.  They worked until almost dark.  All stages of the repair were photographed and e-mailed to me as the day progressed.  This is important as there are additional charges when they have to repair hidden damage (roof planking, sistering damaged joists, etc.).  Marvin was upfront about all costs and potential costs before we signed the proposal.  The new roof is insulated and tapered to allow better runoff.  We are very pleased with the work performed.

I have an end row townhouse in DC. The roof is relatively flat, with a slight slope to the rear. This past winter, I noticed icicles forming at odd places on the gutters. During a thunderstorm I noticed the water was falling right down the back of my house, not into the gutters.  I called the owner, Marvin, thinking I just needed the gutters replaced. He went up on the roof and started pointing out issues. He showed me pictures of the problems as well with his iPad. He offered to fix it for $2500, but recommended replacing it. Within 24 hours, I had a quote. I received bids from two other roofing companies. Marvin was the least expensive.  The crew showed up on time and went promptly to work. The work took two days. On day one, Marvin was removing the roof and discovered rotted out boards on the roof. This was expected. Unfortunately, 12 rafters were also bent and needed to be lifted up (sister the rafters is the carpentry term.) Basically, the whole roof was sunken down in one place, and water would pool without this improvement. This added approximately $1750 to the cost. Also, approximately 450 linear feet of boards were rotted, Marvin replaced these at an amount cheaper than or equal to the other two bidders.  The second day, MG roofing replaced the wall capping and performed some other work. He also painted two metal chimneys that were rusting, free of charge. Throughout the process, Marvin emailed me a bunch of pictures. He also responded very quickly to my emails.  Overall, with no problems, I would have paid about $10K. Because the house I live in is 100 years old, and it was flipped 10 years ago, I expected some issues to be found and to pay about $12K. Marvin gave me a fair discount and the final price was $13K. But with the excellent documentation via pictures, the reason it cost a little more made sense. In summary, MG roofing did an outstanding job at a reasonable price. The owner Marvin, does an excellent job explaining issues over the phone and with pictures.

MG roofing did a fantastic job!  It's been a year since the roof has been installed.  We went through a severe winter with no problems.  MG roofing documents everything from a detailed estimate explaining each possible cost depending upon how bad the current roof's condition is, with dozens of photographs promptly emailed to me as they worked documenting the damage and situation.   He photographed and offered to remove a satellite dish on the roof that I was not using nor aware of.  They started and finished the job on time, the final cost was as estimated, they used drop cloths to contain dirt through the living area and cleaned up everything meticulously.  It was a great experience and I highly recommend MG Roofing!

The repair man was knowledgeable, articulate and professional.  After the diagnosis, the motor was replaced a day or 2 later and the installation was quick and efficient.

I purchased by house about a year ago and knew my roof was in a bad state, leaking in several places with rotted wood. I had gotten several estimates and they were all over the place in cost and scope. I felt Marvin was the most honest and realistic for cost and scope for a flat roof and porch roof. Every time I had a question regarding the estimate or didn?t understand something he took the time to explain it to me. And I had a lot of questions! I appreciated his upfront and candid answers about my roof and the time he committed to me for the work. My roof was a two day job. I emailed I was ready on a Monday and they were at my place on Thursday. Each morning I went on the roof to assess, see and discuss the day?s work. Each day Marvin sent me images showing me the before and after pictures of the work so I could see the extent of the work. During the work, whenever I had a question or asked about something I saw on the roof, the crew and Marvin addressed and/or went out of their way to make sure I was satisfied.      His team was wonderful to work with. They worked hard in the heat and cleaned up leaving my place exactly the way it was before they came. I am extremely satisfied with their work and will recommend them to others. In terms of cost (financing flexibility) and time they were exceptionally expeditious, professional, easy to deal with and their work topnotch.

Excellent work!