Marvin's team did a good job on the replacement and installation of a glass Velux skylight.  I was a bit flaky in engaging them, taking over a month to respond to their quote.  However, once he was engaged he committed to do the work and his team did an excellent job.  My only complaint is that when I locked him in to do the work he suddenly went radio silent for a week or two. Though, this is not uncommon for small sole proprietors in this space during peak construction and repair season, particularly given the high volume of rainfall in May and June.  He eventually, responded to my emails and did the work.  The nice thing about Marvin was that he purchased the Velux skylight without even having a contract with me just on the basis of my email confirmation to his price quote.  I also liked the fact that he sent me pictures of the damaged skylight and repair work during and after completion.

Marvin was very responsive, coming over to give an estimate within a day of our call and then scheduling the job later that week. He took pictures of all the issues he spotted in order to show us exactly what he was suggesting. He also prioritized the work, showing what we needed to fix immediately and what may go wrong some time down the road. Great experience overall.

Marvin and his crew were very punctual and on time. The work started and proceeded as promised. Once the roof came off they found a lot of the beams and other wood had rotted so all the framing was redone on the peak. they also restored some period details that had come to disrepair plus redoing the dentil work that the previous owner had taken off. One accident the glass on my awning covering the front door was smashed but Marvin was quick to point it out and paid to replace the glass at no charge to me.  Over all am very pleased with the work performed.

Went great. They were super fast and professional. They replaced so many rotted rafters and boards they ended up giving us a discount, which was really nice. We had them flash brackets for solar panels and that ended up being more than we expected, but they worked it out with us.

I had a forty foot tree fall onto my house.  The tree did some pretty extensive damage - knocking off the chimney, breaking rafters and puncturing the roof several times.  After calling 10 roofers and not getting very far, I contacted MG.  Unlike other companies who couldn't get to me for weeks, Marvin at MG showed up within a hour.  After receiving the quote, which I got the same day, Marvin was able to schedule the work within a few days.   The crew showed up on time, did great work and cleaned up afterwards.  Marvin was responsive during all the work, and sent many pictures of the work as it progressed.  When other companies couldn't get the job done, MG could.  I definitely recommend them to everyone!

MG roofing was extremely timely and efficient when pricing out the job. The quote was very comprehensive and the person I worked with was honest. They estimated the amount of time for the job and they were able to get in completed a day early. They took pictures throughout the project and sent us daily updates. Very impressed with this company and I would highly recommend them.

They were responsive, on time, and did great work.

Everything went very well.  The previous repair on the gutter was done in a careless manner and needed to be completely replaced.  Getting a quote was a simple process.  Marvin came in and took the needed pictures and did the inspection.  Quote was given in a written format and was very professional.  He did present different options for repair and was well versed on the implications with the historical society, should we move away from the slate.  The work took two days to complete which was much quicker than I expected.  Overall, I'm very happy with the work.  He personally supervised the work, taking picture of progress along the way.  Only room for improvement was price, which I gave as a "B".  I got quotes from $8,500 to $14,000.  I thought he was fair and reasonable, but would have liked to get a lower price.  I would certainly use him again.

Our condo was experiencing water intrusion through siding on the backside of the building. MG Roofing removed existing siding and weather barrier and replaced it with new materials.  They also repaired flashing around vents and windows.  To boot, they used their own scaffolding which was an incredible cost saver. They were efficient in their work, and courteous to our neighbors. They delivered what they promised on time and on cost.  They also recommended additional work that the condo should consider in time. When they left, they left no trace that they were there by picking up their trash. I (and the rest of our condo) was very pleased with their work from start to finish. For reference, I found MG Roofers on Angies' List with no other reference.  Finding them and using their services was a shot in the dark, but in the end, it paid off.  I would use MG Roofers again based on the reasonableness of cost, efficiency of service and the effectiveness of the work performed.  They did a great job.

Marvin promptly provided a quote for the work.  It was our third quote for the roof repair/replacement.  We had one that was about 7x Marvin's quote and one that was about 1/3 of Marvin's quote.  Marvin was the only one who called to walk me through the proposal to explain why we needed various things done and to flag certain possible unknowns that might increase the cost (rotted wood, for instance, was a concern under the roof, but he couldn't know that until the roof was torn off).  He provided both a repair quote (would have bought us maybe another 3-5 years on the roof) and a replacement quote, and didn't push either one despite the significant cost differential.  Once we confirmed the work, it did take some time to pin down dates because they needed two consecutive days with decent, dry weather (not an easy prediction in November/December).  Eventually we got the forecast we needed, and his team came out for two very long days wherein they fully replaced our flat roof and did wall coping.  So far, so good, on the leak issues.  And he's warrantied the work for 15 years.   My only non-positive comment would be that one of his newer workers hopped over our neighbor's fence and grabbed their propane container because the roof needed to be torched and I guess Marvin's guys forgot propane.  Not sure exactly what was going on, but when one of our condo unit owners saw this and confronted the workers, the container was quickly returned, they apologized, and that was the end of that.  I don't think it was a big deal, but it does mean I gave them a B for professionalism.