MG Roofing was responsive to my questions and concerns. They fixed the roof while I was away and kept me up-to-date with pictures of the progress. Will use them again.

Marvin was extremely responsive and quickly scheduled the work for the following week. His crew was very prompt and professional. The job was completed on time and to budget (including the addition of replacing rotten roof beams which he had warned us about). So far we are happy with the quality. Our only complaint would be that Marvin did not communicate especially well. He sent numerous photos of the work via email as it was being completed which we appreciated. But he did not include any text so it was hard to tell what was being done and whether we should be concerned. Also his estimate was not very precise. But overall we are happy with the job and would use his services again.

MG does very thorough and fast work. They are so courteous and explain exactly what they are doing. They look for less expensive options, like securing the nails/shingles before simply quoting a major repair. I always understood exactly what was being done. No surprises. This is the second time I have used them. They also did an amazing job on a chimney repair.

I was surprised how fast and efficient the crew was.  They showed up on time, quickly jumped into action, and throughout service Marvin took pictures of progress on his ipad and emailed them to be throughout. the day so I could see how everything was going and any water damage that I was worried about. He was very easy to work with and was very particular about making sure all his quotes were in writing, up to date, and that all my questions were answered.  It was a very low stress fix for what has been a high stress home problem. I definitely recommend them.

Great experience working with this company.  Marvin (the Owner of MG Roofing) came out to my home, as scheduled and very punctual.  He took the time to go up on the roof of my home and find out exactly what was causing leaks into the front bedroom and living room area of my home.  Even more impressive, he took pictures via an ipad so that I could see all issues and explained the problem in full.  He also observed a loose gutter issue on the back-side of the home and discussed with me the repairs that would be needed.  We discussed both jobs and I requested an estimate for the work to be performed.  Marvin promptly sent me estimates for the roof/gutter repairs; both on the front of my home and for the reposting of a loose gutter on the back-side of the home.  The estimates were fair considering the work needed.  Due to budgetary reasons at this time, I did not pursue the work needed on the front of my home.  Instead I requested for MG Roofing to repair only the loose gutter on the back-side on my home at that time.  Marvin promptly scheduled his staff to complete the work and addressed a problem that plaugued my home for almost two months! He completed this work Pro-Bono.....for FREE (No Charge)!  This gesture was very kind, unexpected and rare in the DC/MD/VA area.  He definitely earned a A+ for this act of professionalism and goodwill as a business.  They came out as scheduled and completed the job in less than a hour.  The workmanship was very efficient and clean; with no issues noted by me or my neighbors.  His staff were very professional and left the site cleaner than when they arrived.  I've already referred him to two neighbors on the block.  I highly recommend MG Roofing and will consider them in the future.

We've used MG previously so are familiar with their work and pricing. Marvin (owner) was prompt in his response and willingness to come by our home to provide an estimate.  The attic fans were originally installed in less than optimal sight lines but the team removed and placed them where they could not be seen from the street. Great work!

Marvin was extremely responsive to our request for a quote to have our flat roof that wraps around 2 sides of the house replaced. We knew it was causing interior water damage along one side of our house. His quote was thorough and professional and he answered our many additional questions. While it took a while between the time we signed the contract and when the work was actually done, that was due to weather and needing to find 2 days in a row without rain. When the weather finally cooperated, Marvin's team showed up promptly at 8am to begin work. They worked more than a full day trying to beat the evening rain to get the roof finished. It turns out much of our wood (deck, railing, plywood) was rotted and had to be replaced. The roof got its first big test the first night during a pretty substantial rainstorm - and it did great. Marvin's team was back on day 2 to finish everything up. We had one issue that developed that day - it turns out one of the workers hit interior electrical wiring with a nail when putting the flashing in that caused the electrical outlets in our bedroom to stop working. An electrician quickly figured out the problem and corrected it. When we told Marvin about it, he immediately offered to pay the electrician's bill. We were very pleased with Marvin and his team's work, their post-project worksite clean-up, professionalism and quality of the work. He's also local to our neighborhood and very familiar with the homes here, which we also appreciated.

Professional, efficient and HONEST! We trust Marvin to do the right thing and he has such integrity for doing the job the best that we knew we were going with the right person. I would highly recommend him and his team!

They arrived on time and were meticulous with the project. We had a company employee
from our business on site doing some other repairs and he reported back that the roofer was
doing an excellent job.

Marvin, Julio and the team did an excellent job on my house.  Unlike many contractors I have dealt with during my multi-year home renovation project, Marvin is very responsive and communicative.  Throughout the proposal process and project itself, I can't recall a time where my call was directed to voicemail.  Marvin delivered a detailed proposal within 48 hours of my first call and committed to having the work completed withing 4 days.  The team showed up as planned and completed the work according to the timeline.   Shortly thereafter, I had central air installed and the HVAC contractor had to punch a hole through the finished roof.  I contacted Marvin in advance to ensure that this was acceptable (he assured me that it was OK), and he agreed to come out to patch the hole so that the guarantee on his work remained in tact.  I would definitely recommend MG roofing to others!