Very well! Team was reliable, skilled, and thorough. Small recommendation: provider should consider accepting credit cards for payment.

Contractor obtained proper permit and all materials. The workers came on time and worked diligently. They were neat, cleaned up after themselves and respected the limited work space.

Mavin and his crew were great.  I'd been told by other providers that my skylight needed serious repair and likely replacement.  Marvin looked at it and was able to get it closed with a little tinkering.  Then he and his crew also agreed to clean off the exteriors of my skylights while they were up on the roof, and got them looking very clear.  Surprisingly, Marvin offered to do all this work for free - he thought the job was so small that he offered not to charge anything!  I was very happy with Marvin's professionalism, responsiveness, work ethic and his unexpected and generous offer not to charge.  I'll definitely turn to MG roofing again in the future.

After 2 years-I still can't say enough about Marvin, owner of MG Roofing.  He enforces his own warranties without being asked.  He went way above and beyond my expectations.  I am so impressed with MG Roofing's level of honesty and service.  Details:  MG Roofing replaced my front built-in gutters in October 2010.  I didn't have any problems until this summer.  During heavy rainstorm-I noticed my bedroom ceiling and walls getting rain damaged.  I called Marvin who came as soon as we had a break in the rain.  After his inspection, he knew what was happening and would return once there was a break in the weather to fix.  The storms didn't let up for few days.  It rained so hard that my walls went from bad to a small flood in my bedroom.  It didn't damage my floors but it did damage part of the ceiling and front wall. The next, day Marvin informed me he would take care of the gutter and any damages.  This is not something I asked for or expected him to do-which in my opinion is a testament to his work ethic.  Not only did he stand by his warranty, he ensured his subcontractor fixed the damaged walls to my satisfaction.  He and his crew were very thoughtful and beyond expectations.

They were responsive and scheduled the estimate at my convenience the very day (a Thursday).  I got voicemails with the other companies I called or had to trade calls with the estimators the following day.  Meanwhile, the owner Marvin came himself.  He got on the roof and I joined him so he could point out the problems.  He wasn't pushing a replacement of the roof but did give advice on when approximately that might be needed.  Because the damage was from falling branches from trees overhead, he advised that I either a) trim the trees, or b) invest in heavier duty 30-50 year quality shingles.  Otherwise, he said they could do the repair, and that was scheduled on the Saturday.  Marvin came with his crew on the Saturday and completed the work with Marvin supervising and inspecting the worksmanship. I guess I shouldn't take it for granted that Marvin got on the roof in the first place.  My neighbor needed a roof repair recently and told me only 1 of the 6 highly rated companies she called actually got on her roof to check out the damage...  The others told her they had used "commercial satellite imagery" to check out the status of her roof.  I was surprised and would not have found that acceptable.

These guys are awesome! We sprung a leak in our newly purchased house during a 3-day storm. These guys came out in 2-hrs and worked for over an hour trying to patch up not only the source of the leak but also several other water entry points that they found on our roof. Very thorough! And with pictures! When it became obvious that we would have to actually replace the whole roof, we hired them to do the job. They came out at 7:45am and worked non-stop until dark (around 7:30pm). They are a no-nonsense kind of company. They come and go straight to the roof to start work. No delays, no hiccups, just work. They found lots of rotted wood and instead of leaving things to chance, they replaced everything, the wood beams, the extra wood slabs, the sheeting, everything! They sent me lots of pictures along the way to document and explain what they were doing. It was supposed to be a 1-day job but instead, it took them an extra day to do the work because of what they found. I greatly appreciated their thoroughness. They didn't leave anything to chance. The owner, Marvin, has a high standard of work and makes sure that everything is done properly and in a timely manner. Our roof looks great now and it is under a great warranty. We were very happy we found MG roofing and will use them in the future should anything happen to our roof. Great guys! Great company! We recommend them highly!

Marvin provided estimates for repairs needed on a flat roof and a slate roof and helped us make an informed home purchase decision. He responded promptly when contacted and showed up on time for both appointments. He produced a thorough assessment of the roof condition and repairs needed, which were corroborated by other specialists as well. He was wonderful to work with and we would highly recommend him!

Terrific work. Terrific at following up.

Marvin was always very receptive, wanting to do a good honest job. He was flexible and easy to get a hold of and his prices and quality of work are honest and fair. He's also just a really nice guy and easy to work with. I am definitely considering Marvin for the project when I have accumulated enough funds.

I shopped around for a roofing company from among those on Angie?s List and chose MG roofing.  I met with several companies and MG Roofing had the best quote and Marvin was very responsive to my questions.  I had a big job of replacing a broken main beam on a very old roof.  The job was completed very speedily, which was essential given the recent weather problems.  Marvin was great at updating on progress and the work was very neat and well finished.  All roof flashing and coping were well tightly and neatly secured.  I was very pleased with the overall job and would recommend him highly.