I have done a number of house projects and worked with lots of firms. MG Roofing is one of the top two I have ever worked with. Marvin came promptly to provide an estimate. He carefully inspected the roof and explained in detail areas that need attention, and what I should look for to know if a roofer has done their job well. He gave me a bid for the thing which was of most concern to me (an area where the wall coping -- a.k.a. capping -- had come off our house. He also gave me a bid for other areas he recommended touching up. It took several months for me to get the financing together to move forward with this project, and I went ahead with the estimate to do all the things he recommended. When he came over to begin the work, it had been so long that I could not remember exactly what things he had recommended doing. Since I had already had agreed to the price, it would have been in his best interest to do as few things as possible. But instead he did the opposite. He ended up doing a whole lot more than his original bid was supposed to cover. And then, at the end of the day, I asked if he would be able to re-flash ALL of the solar panel protrusions, not just the ones he had agreed to do that morning. He agreed to do so, even though this meant he had to come back a second day to complete that work. And he did all that without every asking to raise the price from his original estimate. Bottom line is that this is a guy who likes to do projects right. For him, it is not just about earning a living. It is clear that for him it is a vocation: he takes pride in his work, as well he should.  if he agrees to take on a project he will do whatever it takes to do the job right. I am EXTREMELY pleased and would absolutely work with him again. I am a cautious guy, and always get multiple bids on any project before I select a firm. My experience with MG Roofing was so good that in the future I would just call him and have him do the job, I wouldn't even wait to get other estimates in. And for me, that is says a whole lot.

Very good overall experience.

Great, fabulous, amazing. Year later no leaks anywhere.

iphone us photos of the damaged and repair areas. Later he answered our questions about the damage and agreed to provide us a cost estimate for the needed reapirs. We have been completed satisfied with the inspection service and hopefully their quoted price will be competitive and affordable for us.

MG photographed the defects as roofing was opened up, showed me the progressional of repairs from start to finish. Arrived on time, very meticulous in work quality and clean up.

SUUUUPERSATISFIED. Excellent work. Very professional. Originally met Marvin, the owner, in 2011, after hurricane Irene. Suffered inside water damage to property I own in historic district. Water seeped through chimney and adjacent wall. Despite his busy schedule, Marvin responded in a timely fashion and was able to immediately identify a set of problems, with accuracy. He offered an explanation with accompanying diagram and images (conveniently provided through digital media). I was immediately struck by his background knowledge of both historic and contemporary structures. Friendly personality to boot. After prompt receipt of estimate, his initial job included extensive repairs of chimney and adjacent gutter. Months later, I sought his services for additional gutter work. Reasonably priced. Since this time, he has replaced the roof, and designed and installed trap door for attic ceiling. Now is the time to continue with the gutter work, so, without hesitation, I contacted Marvin, once again, and was met with the same degree of efficiency.  

The Spanish tiled roof had never been completely repaired in over 80 years; house was built in 1926.  There had been stop-gap fixes over the years  In the 12 years, we owned the house, we made several attempts to have the chimney flashing fixed to stop a second floor leak in the ceiling.  The leak would stop for a while -- or until the next rainstorm.  The roofers who made these earlier repairs never removed any tiles to see what was going on beneath. MG Roofing was the only one of 3 requests for estimates that responded from Angie's List.  I specifically asked for an estimate that included removing the tiles to see the level of damage.  MG Roofing gave a thorough explanation of the problems and game plan for fixing and reasonable estimate -- with the upfront proviso that there would be added cost for the replacement of any rotted wood (at $9/linear foot) and broken tiles ($20 each). Initially, we were just going to do the area around the chimney because that always seemed like the problem area.  Once the tiles were removed and the level of decay was revealed, MG offered to do the whole roof at a reduced price. At each stage of work, the foreman would take digital photos and email them to me so that we could monitor the progress on a computer.  This gave me lots of confidence in their work since I could see exactly the problems that they said needed fixing. The crew took great pains to comply with my request to utilize the old tiles (with varied colors and patina)  in the areas of the roof that get the most visibility from the street and put the new tiles (more solid in color)  in less visible areas. The crew were also patient with my input on placement of tiles along the edge of the roof to satisfy a purely esthetic need. The initial budget estimate almost doubled when we had to purchase 650 linear feet of wood and replace 478 broken and damaged tiles.   MG replaced a rusted, leaky rain gutter at no charge. This work was completed over 7 months ago. And after many heavy rainstorms since that time, there have been no leaks inside.  

We had a small repair needed and was the whole experience working with Marvin was friendly and professional. We have had some serious rain these past few weeks and all is dry.

We were experiencing leaking in an upstairs bathroom due to an apparent roof leak.  Mike's team was able to get to us within 24 hours to submit a quote.  they worked on our row house roof (with no interior access which is a challenge) and completely fixed it in 2 days.  They discovered 4 layers of old roof, tons of damage done by a fire which had been covered up.  Mike's team took photos the whole way through and Mike kept us in the loop when the initial price had to go up due to the extra work.  It made sense considering the amount of wood work that went into the project.  He was very polite and his workers cleaned up all of the mess from the hundreds of pounds of old nasty tile they pulled up.  Now we have a brand new roof that is guaranteed for 20 years and I feel very good about the purchase even though we did not expect it.  I would recommend MG Roofing again and again.

Incredibly well. He was able to check out the problem within an hour of my calling, get an estimate to me within a day, and had a crew on the roof the day after that -- July 4, no less -- to fix the persistent water leaks in my unit. Couldn't recommend him more highly. Think his estimates were competitive and he did a great job. After months of working with sub-par roofers, I'm pretty confident he resolved the leaks.