Josh W.

 would echo the last reviewer's praises for Marvin: took the time to show his license and insurance, provided low and high options, and was affordable.  When during his work he discovered an issue that was clearly a problem roughly patched by the previous owner, Marvin was very reasonable in negotiating a change of scope.  His guys started early in the morning and worked until just before dark so that it would all be done in a day.  When he sent the invoice, he included pictures of the work before, during, and after so I could clearly see the work they did.  I would definitely recommend working with Marvin and his guys.

Jack S.

I live in NW DC and consider myself fairly knowledgeable with respect to basic construction and comparing bids for work in the area. After getting 2 or 3 outrageous  bids for a 450 sq ft flat roof in July, I realized the better time to do the work would be in the fall.

In the fall, I contracted  3 roofers with more reasonable but still a wide variation of bids. One of them MG was the most reasonable. Marvin, the business owner is a roofer first and a salesman second.  He was very frank as to what I needed but gave me the options I asked for.  Once the job of progressed, he kept me up to speed  via pictures re what was needed on what additional work was and would cost.
They provided a crew of 6 or7 and were able to finish the work in a very full day.   MG.....thanks again.

L L.

This is the second time I have used MG contractors.  The first time was to replace a new flat roof on my primary home last year that had been leaking from the porch area at the rear of my home and my skylight.  I also had several missing slates that were exposing unprotected wood.  His initial contact, written reasonable estimate, photos of the work in progress (before and after), clean up, and work of his crew was all highly professional. From beginning to end, I was pleased with the fast and efficient manner on replacing my roof, skylight, and slates.  Best part is that I have no more leaks from my roof and skylight.  So, it was without hesitation that I again contacted MG to replace the roof on rental property that I own.  During the replacement of the roof on the front overhang area, he discovered significant wood rot and badly deteriorating slates.  He contacted me immediately and discussed the best option on repair/replacement.  This was supported by pictures.  He constructed new supporting beams replaced all wood and replaced the slates with shingles.   He even painted the side supports of the roof which I did not expect. Given the unanticipated extra work involved, the entire job was completed within two days!   Again, I am pleased with the overall job completed.

Elizabeth W.

Outstanding. We've had a lot of work done on our house by different contractors and Marvin has by far been the easiest to deal with. He replaced our front mansard, sent pics throughout the process, and all for a reasonable price. The guys are courteous and hard working. When we had an issue with the neighbor with how our shingles interlocked with her slate (townhouses), Marvin came out to fix it the next day and helped smooth over the situation. Highly recommend this company.

Kristen S.

I had an amazing experience with MG roofing. I recommend them to anyone looking for a new roof, as they do pristine work. I also recommended them to two neighbors who had an amazing experience. My roof as well as my next door neighbor's was put on on the same day in six hours. I'm very impressed with the work and highly recommend this company to anyone that needs a new slate roof.

Hector E.

This in an update to my review. Roof still in great shape. We had Marvin install a very large skylight (around 10 in length) and much like the last time they did great work. Showed up in time and installed very quickly and also did an excellent job of cleaning everything up. Still very impressed with MG and would highly recommend. 
MG roofing replaced our roof and roof-deck. They did a fantastic job. Marvin was great at explaining what needed to be done - to replace previous terrible job by another roofer - and how he would do it. The crew was very professional and worked extremely hard to finish job on a timely manner. During the actual job images and updates where sent by Marvin and he is always available to answer any questions, which can he always does Ina timely manner. I would highly recommend Marvin and no doubt we will use his services again for other jobs needed in our building. He has lots of experience in DC rowhouses and gets the necessary permits to work. Also the warranty offer is excellent and was the longest offer by any of the folks that did estimates.

Koki A.

I had the pleasure of working with MG Roofing on a home that I'm currently renovating. We met with a few roofers for estimates and I really appreciated Marvin's straight forward approach. He was able to show many photos of previous jobs that he completed and thoroughly explained the process of installing a new roof. The job was completed within 2 days and the guys kept the job site clean. I've already had him give me estimates for a couple others jobs and will certainly be working with him again in the future.

James M.

Excellent work and service - Marvin is very straightforward and takes lots of pictures - before and after the job. He is good at explaining what needs to be done and knows his stuff. He'll show you sample projects of other jobs he does so you know what to expect on yours. When his crew shows up, all you need to do is let them in - they got the job done quickly and you get updates to your email as they go.

We have a typical DC rowhouse and they replaced the entire roof membrane, insulation, plus replaced a few rotting boards all in one day. Price is reasonable and comes with a warranty. Having all the photo documentation is such a big plus.

Piper C.

Marvin and his team did high-quality work on the roof of our condo building. He was very patient and took the time to explain what was needed and what his team could do. They worked quickly and communicated throughout the process. Highly recommend.

Jonny V.

I call Marvin company because I had a leak on my roof so I made an appointment for him to check it out the next day. He came over on time and I showed him where the leak was inside the house. Then he went up on the roof took some pics came down and showed me what was the problem on the roof. He suggested to replace only half of the roof he gave me a quote and in a couple of days his crew show up to do the job. They replace rotten wood then started to replace the roof with all its component.  What I'd like is that they took pictures from all the process and they were sent to my cell phone. I am very happy with such an excellent job they did. They didn't leave any mess they clean up everything.